Viktoria – 18 years old, slender, very pretty

Viktoria is fairly new to nude modeling. She had done some shopping mall fashion shows when we met her, but only one nude modeling session, for her friend Oksana’ art class.

We shot Viktoria's pictures about a month after her 18th birthday.

The first part of Viktoria's shoot is now up on TeenFlood. Click her picture to check out the site!

We shot this skinny cutie in a variety of settings, mostly in our photographer Vlad’s apartment.  At first she was nervous and giggly, so we focused on the basic stuff, like getting her comfortable with the camera. She was fairly comfortable being nude in front of people, but for some reason the camera was different; it took her a while to relax.

Then, as the session progressed, she began to take the initiative. She was more and more eager to peel off her clothes, so after a while we felt comfortable pushing the envelope. She’d mentioned that her favorite color was pink, so Vlad pulled out a rather large pink dildo as a “joke”.   She laughed and immediately agreed to use it in the shoot.  Vlad would never pressure a model to do something she wasn’t comfortable with, but Viktoria’s comfort level with the situation was obviously growing by leaps and bounds at this point.

She started using the pink dildo and getting more and more excited.  Needless to say, the shoot went extremely well from that point forward.  She even did a video for us.

The best part: when her boyfriend found out about the dildo, he got really upset.  He made Viktoria promise she’d stop nude modeling.  This wonderfully cute teen model hasn’t been in front of a camera since.  So we have what we believe is Victoria’s only nude shoot EVER on TeenFlood.

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Viktoria - 18 years old, slender, very pretty, 8.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings