Lilly – 18 years old, this cute teen model is very petite and a total brat.

Every now and then, we strike gold.  The truth is, we have so many photographers from all over the world, each of them eagerly combing the planet for cute teen models, we strike gold more often than most sites could possibly hope to.

A beautiful teen with blond ringlets and a smooth young face.

Lilly is one of those models we LOVE finding. Young, angelic-looking and willing to get naked for our cameras. Wow!

But every now and then, we hit the fucking mother lode and land a model that surprises (and delights) even us.  Lilly is exactly such a find.

She’s and American, although her features have a hint of Russian (at least that’s what we think; like so many Americans, she’s not really sure of her ancestry).  Her face is smooth and young to the point of being angelic.  But this chick is little hellion.  🙂

“The truth?” says our photographer, “I love her, but she’s a fucking brat.  She’s a really cute teen model, especially in person, and she definitely knows it.  And the brattiness makes her even more attractive.  It’s not snotty or anything, it’s actually kind of playful. It’s hard to explain, but you probably know a chick like this, who knows exactly what she can get away with. The whole time I was shooting her, I was thinking about how what she really needed was a spanking.”

This girl has turned "looking innocent" into an art.

This cute teen model has turned "looking innocent" into an art.

We don’t spank our models here at TeenFlood (that would be a whole different kind of site… wait… hm…) but we can definitely appreciate the desire… especially with and ass as perfect and spankable as Lilly’s.

Besides her girlish blond ringlets and pretty face, she also has a perfectly proportioned body; a slender waist and perfect, round breasts that are just slightly too large for her frame. In a good way.

How many stars are you gonna give Lilly?  We’re thinkin’ 10, but…

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Lilly - 18 years old, this cute teen model is very petite and a total brat., 9.4 out of 10 based on 18 ratings