Ann, 19 years old. An extremely tiny girl!

Ann is gorgeous. She has unique, girlish facial features that (obviously!) photograph extremely well.

Besides being ridiculously tiny, Ann has a freckle face and cute, girlish features.

Too bad we can't get away with paying our models by the pound!

Our photographer says he was astounded at how varied her photographs turned out: in one shot she looks like a sultry forties starlet, in another she looks like a tender, freckle-faced teenager, innocent and naive.

One thing is indisputable, however: this adorably cute teen model is incredibly tiny.  Weighing in at “about” 90 lbs (she won’t tell us exactly… not sure why!) our photographer could literally pick her up with one hand. And she is incredibly skinny, as you can see – size zero jeans tend to slide off her tiny waist if she doesn’t wear a belt… or so she says.

Ann says some of the “mean girls” at her school started calling her Thumbelina; she hated the nickname, but it stuck. Even the teachers started calling her by the name.

Sweet young Ann's demure look... aint' she cute?

Ann shoots us her steamy "do me" look... and shows off her tasty young breasts too. Click this cute teen models image to see TeenFlood.

Later, when she started modeling, she realized what an asset her tiny size was. “I think guys like to be in control, you know?” she says, batting her eyes. “And having a tiny, helpless girl underneath you seems to play into that.”

Ann says she’s all for it. “I do love that feeling, of being at some big guy’s mercy. In bed, I mean!”. Something tells me that no matter how big a guy might be, he’d be at Ann’s mercy instead.

Ann says her sexiest body part is her tummy; and she does have a point although her supple limbs and tight young ass are contending for the spot too, in this blogger’s humble opinion.

So: how many stars does this elvish cutie deserve? Don’t forget to rate her!

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