Rene, 19 years old (barely). Cute teen model with a beautiful smile.

Okay, it’s inevitable that when you have a blog rating cute teen models, you often end up focusing on their bodies.

One of the prettier faces we've seen come along in a while.

Gorgeous eyes, high cheekbones... Rene is quite a specimen. The picture clicks through to TeenFlood.

I mean, that’s part of what makes teens so attractive (especially to older guys); they’re a bit more taut than the ol’ wife, if only by virtue of the fact that they’ve had less time on the earth and have therefore consumed less bonbons (yeah, this is all pretty scientific).

I'm torn between focusing on Rene's tits and her eyes. A very happy conundrum!

You can't help but notice (and love) Rene's tits when she hangs 'em in your face... but that smile is still her knockout punch!

So why the title of this post? Take a look at Rene and you’ll see what I mean. There’s something very alluring, even magical, about Rene’s beautiful eyes, and it becomes especially prominent when she smiles. Don’t get me wrong; when she’s not smiling, she looks incredibly cute; young, wide-eyed and sweet. But when she flashes her warm, slightly toothy smile, complete with adorable dimples, her eyes seem to say “come and get it”.

Okay, yeah, sure, her body’s fine too… fairly nice tits, a beautifully shaped ass and pretty sleek all the way around… but hey, most of the girls on TeenFlood have that goin’ for them. After all, they’re teens (see my bonbon-related analysis above). But for me, when I think of hot teen models, what it so often comes down to is the girl’s facial features… the eyes, skin, cheekbones, lips… and perky young Rene is superb on all counts.

So what do you say? Do you agree? How many stars does this cute teen model deserve? Rate her!

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Rene, 19 years old (barely). Cute teen model with a beautiful smile., 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings