Naveah – 18 years old, and yes we checked her ID.

We check all our cute teen models’ identification very thoroughly, of course… two forms of government-issued photo ID, no exceptions. But let’s just say that when Naveah skipped through our door, our photographer held ’em up to the light for longer than usual.

Cute, young and very tender, Naveah looked underage... but she's been 18 for days now.

Tender young Naveah is sweet as suger and completely fearless.

And there it was, plastered across her California ID card: an 18th birthday that had passed less than a week before.

His response: “Wow, you’ve been 18 for a whole week? We’d better get you shot, honey… you’re not getting any younger.” What he was thinking, red-blooded male that he was, was closer to Holy Mother of God, let’s get this girl’s clothes off before she changes her fucking mind.

There followed the usual stuff: a long, wordy contract (which models almost never actually read, but which cute young Naveah read every word of): a cautious explanation of the fact that everybody and their mother would see every inch of her body on one of the oldest and most revered teen site on all the Internets (if we do say so ourselves): and of course the obligatory question:  “So, Naveah, what are you comfortable with doing? What are your limitations?”

This cock was almost to big for tiny Naveah's eager little mouth... but she managed!

Naveah is very polite: she never talks with her mouth full.

To which this perky, cute, and absurdly young-looking teenage goddess replied “I dunno. What are yours?”

This is not something we hear often: in fact, it’s not really something we hear ever.

“Have you met our associate Jack?” Jack is not an associate, exactly; he’s actually more of a poor schlub who works for peanuts because he loves what he does.  An idealist of sorts.  And he happened to be around that day.

As it turns out, Naveah and Jack got along very well, including but not limited to an incredibly sexy fuck session that really should go down in the Guiness Book of World Records as one of the web’s most rewarding moments (for perverts who love to watch cute teen models getting pounded, at any rate).

In addition to Naveah’s cum-splattered hardcore stuff, she was kind enough to pose for some very nice softcore sets as well.  All in a day’s work.

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