Lacy, 18 years old. Another extremely tiny, absurdly cute teen model!

Lacy is a tiny girl, and a damned cute one too.  Did we mention she's tiny?

You can't see it in this picture, but cute young Lacy's chin is about as high as the light switch on the wall next to her. When we say this is a tiny girl, we mean TINY.

Lacy didn’t walk through our door, we walked through hers.

She worked at an ice cream shop when one of our photographers stumbled onto her. The first thing he noticed was her absurd striped uniform, complete with a wacky hat that makes those Hot Dog On A Stick girls look dignified by comparison. Then he noticed her hands as she scooped his ice cream for him; they were so small they made the scoop look huge. Being an adult-oriented photographer, he immediately thought of how they’d look holding a cock (it’s a closely-guarded secret in the porn industry that the smaller the girl is, the bigger the cock looks on camera–don’t tell anyone).

Then, of course, he noticed her sweet, innocent features and perky smile. He’d ordered his ice cream to go, but changed his mind and ate it there.

“That was the best mint chocolate chip I ever had,” he says. “I remember every bite.”

Lacy curls her...nipples.

Lacy is extremely skilled with an ice cream scoop. And other utensils.

When the time was right, he swooped in with his weapon of choice: a business card.

“The place was pretty empty, so we got to talking. She was definitely interested. I told her she could make some money modeling, and usually when you say that the girl says ‘how much?’ Not this chick. She was really fascinated by the idea of being naked on a big site and having guys drool all over her. That was her motivation.”

A week later, after changing her mind a few times, she showed up at his apartment, ready to shoot.

“I started her out slow, with some artsy looking-out-the-window stuff. Then I’m like ‘here, play with these cherries.’ Then she grabbed an eyelash curler and started using it on her pussy. I broke out the dildo, and again, no problem. I thought: this chick has a wild side, no doubt. I thought about her hands on that ice cream scoop and I popped the question, asked her to do a boy-girl scene.

“And she’s like ‘you mean PORN!? No way, I don’t want to do that!’ It was hilarious. I swear to God, she still had the dildo in her pussy when she said it! Ha!”

“Man I fuckin’ love this job.”

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Lacy, 18 years old. Another extremely tiny, absurdly cute teen model!, 8.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings