Jewel, 18 years old – her brief career as a teen model

Cute Jewel; she had a career as a teen model that lasted a week or so.

Jewel is wonderfully human, of course, but her huge hazel eyes remind you of a cute teen in a hentai drawing. "Her eyes sort of emphasize her innocence, which definitely does exist," our photographer says. "That's one of the reason I like shooting teen models; there's a freshness there that shows up on camera."

Cute young Jewel is an ideal TeenFlood girl.  Not only for the obvious reasons:  her huge, doe-like eyes that almost make her look like a teenybopper in a hentai drawing: her lithe, supple young body that looks like something out of a fashion ad: and most of all her perfect, suggestive mouth, which always seems to be slightly open, framed by an inviting pair of lips you’d expect to see up on a Sephora billboard.

That’s all well and good. We like cute teen models, and Jewel is definitely that. But there’s another reason she’s such a perfect TeenFlood chick.

When you’re scouring the planet for cute teen models, you have a number of options; but the models really only boil down to two basic types: there are agency girls, who are booked through an actual talent agent (“talent” being a pretty subjective term here) and who may have booked them with a hundred other photographers that week. They’re easy to find, but a bit more complicated to deal with (mostly depending on their agent).

Jewel's status as "cute teen model" changed a few weeks after this shoot to "former cute teen model".

Jewel goes from "innocent" to "fuck me" in seven seconds flat.

Then there are the other type: the normal teenager, working at a coffee house or a tanning salon, going to college (or sometimes even high school, although obviously it’s absolutely required that they’re 18 years old), looking for a way to make ends meet or looking to experiment with their sexuality.

This latter type of girl is the one we like best, and it’s the group Jewel falls into. One of our photographers somehow managed to get a college newspaper to accept a modeling ad, and Jewel, a first-year student, was the first to answer. Our photographer was floored when he saw her.  “It’s rare that you see such sensual, naturalistic beauty. You see sensual models in something like Vogue, for instance,” he says. “But there, the models are usually strange and gaunt-looking.”

“No so with Jewel. She’s this healthy, normal chick who happens to have a natural talent for the young “fuck me” look that sells so well in the fashion world.”

Jewel’s flirtation with modeling was short-lived. “She’d modeled once before, earlier that week. It was an experiment for her. I think she did another shoot or two, then she moved on. I kept in touch with her for a few weeks, but she got what she wanted out of us.”

The benefit is entirely mutual, of course.  Rate cute young Jewel!


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