Ingrid – teenage fashion model

teenage fashion model

Don't hold her sleek beauty against her: Ingrid won't be working the checkout lane at Walmart, but she definitely qualifies as one of our "real teenage girls".

Teen fashion model Ingrid

See? Ingrid may happen to have the high-falutin' fashion model look, but she can yawn over a dildo with the best of 'em.

TeenFlood has always leaned toward the “average girl” look when it comes to choosing our teenage models.  We tend to choose models who look like the normal teenage girls we see every day; accessible, girl-next-door types. The type who work at a bookstore or spend their days asking “do you want fries with that?”

We are, after all, famous for our “real teenage girls“.

But that doesn’t mean that when we’re presented with the gorgeous, leggy fashion model type we’re gonna turn ’em away.  Case in point: slender young Ingrid, a deliciously sleek young teenage model deep green eyes, an exquisite mouth and an all-around sultry demeanor that gives her a more worldly feel than many of our models.  She was, as it turned out, already quite experienced modeling for the fashion industry. Jeans, underwear, swimsuits… the usual stuff.

We thought we’d give her something new to model. A few sets into the shoot, we handed Ingrid a dildo. Given her runway-oriented history, we expected this high fashion beauty to shy away from using it. Instead, she seemed rather delighted, and asked us that question we so long to hear from all our models when we hand them a huge plastic phallus:

“Should I put it in my butt too?”

Well… okay, Ingrid. If you insist.

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